About Me

I am a native of Arkansas, but currently living in Texas. This blog exhibits some of my paintings over the last several years. Since I was young, colors have captivated me, lines and contours drew me in, and light bewitched my senses. My high school art teacher introduced me to oil painting, a medium I cannot get away from because of its simultaneous intensity and serenity in the colors it creates. As my love for painting grows, so does my love and appreciation of the Original Artist, who creates every shape, line, light, color, and contrast new each day. God has given us creative abilities, and I love using them to express his beautiful creation. I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings as much as I enjoyed producing them.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 study of Sir Alfred Munnings' 
Ponies in a Sandpit  22x28   2008

 Overcast in Florianopolis  20x24   2008  (sold)

 Burst of Color  24x30   2008  (sold)

 study of Sir Alfred Munnings' Horse   18x24

 Calm Waters   16x20  2008  (sold)

 Acabou o Dia   18x24  2008

 study of Cezanne's 9x12  2009

 Goin' Sailing 24x30  2009

 Sunflower Field  30x40   2009

 Arkansas River at Dawn  20x24  2008  (sold)

 Jake's Retrieve  12x16  2010  (sold)

 Aspens on a Hill  24x36   2010  (sold)

 Buffalo River in the Fall 20x24 2010 (sold)

 Barra da Lagoa  24x36  2010 (sold)

 Black-eyed Susans  16x20  2010 (sold)

 The Fresh Market  12x16  2010

 Rocky Mountain National Park   11x14  2009  (sold)


Red screams passion to me. So does dance. I found several photographs of flamenco dancers and was captured by their movement, boldness, grace and feeling. Dance is only one form of interpretation and expression, and I reflected the emotion these pictures conveyed to me in this painting.

These are several other paintings I had saved on my computer. Some were commissions and some I still have at my house.

 Vibrant Color   12x12  2009  (sold)

 Pots in a Row  12x24  2009  (sold)

 Sunflower Still Life  20x24  2009

 Still Life  9x12  2009  (sold)

 Still Life 9x12  2009 (sold)